Malay Mandal



Malay an electrical engineer by accident, is smitten by his love for India and has been travelling across the length and breadth of the country to discover and document the many myriad hues of our microcosmic natural and cultural heritage. He is also a photography enthusiast.

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Author & Photographer of the book :

  1. Wild Escapades around Central India Order here
  2. Brahmi- Rediscovering the lost Script Order here
  3. Xplore Mandu – Resurrect Guidebook Series ORDER NOW
  4. The Magic of Mandu – The Medieval Metropolis of Malwa
  5. Wild Madhya Pradesh – Edited by Shri Bittu Sehgal & Ms. Lakshmy Raman (ISBN: 81-935496-4-3)
  6. Xplore Khajuraho – Resurrect Guidebook Series ORDER NOW