Dr. Mamoun Sakkal


Islamic Calligrapher

Dr. Sakkal, PhD is a type designer from Aleppo, Syria, who now lives and works in the US. Providing graphic design and communication solutions to major national and international corporations, he has focused on Arabic calligraphy and typography since the 1990s. He has received awards in calligraphy, graphics, and type design, including four awards of excellence from the Type Directors Club of New York, one from IRCICA, Istanbul, and one from Letter Arts Review Annual. Dr. Sakkal has been the Arabic typography specialist for Microsoft since 2001. Dr. Sakkal has been instrumental in deciphering the Kufic panels of the Jal Mahal for the first time and also in understanding the many calligraphic traditions of Mandu. In addition to his contribution in the chapter on Jal Mahal, he also crafted an exclusive kufic design for the book title “Suhur-e-Shaadiabad.” Dr Sakkal is the key person to design the Islamic Typeface for Burj Khalifa.

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